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Challenge: Financial Center Credit Union has always loved to showcase their offerings in fun, trending and inventive ways. But, of course, they also don’t want to alienate their Stockton, California market. There is a large Latino population in the area, so FCCU wanted to a create a brand, messaging and marketing that this community would connect to. The challenge: create a compelling loan-focused campaign that would engage our large Latino market, while still being relevant and engaging to our non Latino community.

Solution: Palmer’s proven track record of reaching specific target demographics for credit unions is one of our most valuable strengths. We had already surpassed FCCU’s expectations with our Game of Loans campaign, and in this case, had to outdo ourselves. So, by pairing our proven strategies with our trend-listening expertise, we presented Lucha Loans. Our research confirmed that Lucha Libre, or Mexican wrestling, is not just popular among Latinos; many segments of the US love it. So we turned Financial Center Credit Union’s four loan offerings (plus their Visa Card) into Lucha Libre wrestlers, all vying for to be the greatest of them all. Suddenly FCCU signature loans, Fast Cash loans, auto loans, auto refis and Visa cards were all ready to fight for customers’ attention.

Lucha Loans - Financial Ad Campaign

The theme of colorful masks, the epic names, the over-the-top action all fueled the campaign. To reach new clients, we used retargeting ads and direct mail postcards and letters. In-branch, for this financial institution we created window decals, ATM screen ads, statement inserts, flyers, teller posters and matts. We also created t-shirts and short videos to play on location inside each of this client’s branches.

Lucha Loans - Financial Advertising

Results: This multi-pronged attack garnered some pretty exceptional results, with participation in their promoted offerings skyrocketing. Check out some of our stats:

Lucha Loans - Financial Advertising

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