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Our Approach: Promotion Ideas

WE LISTEN SO YOU CAN BE HEARD. Most agencies love to talk. We love to listen. We’re thirsty for your insights, opinions and ideas. That’s how meaningful marketing communication is created.

The Palmer Ad Agency specializes in branding and lead generation. We do this through a multidisciplinary process called the Palmer Process. This process has been perfected over the past 25 years and is a combination of:

  • defining objectives
  • evaluating the current situation
  • performing research as needed
  • strategic planning
  • brand platform development
  • breakthrough creative
  • tracking results to determine ROI

Palmer is an ad agency that employs the perfect blend of inbound marketing and outbound marketing strategies to enhance your brand and generate leads.

Inbound marketing is a content marketing strategy that attracts new customers by providing valuable resources on your website and by educating your target audience.

Our Outbound marketing methods and strategies include: digital, print, radio, television, outdoor, direct mail, call centers, guerrilla marketing and more.

We have found that the utilization of the Palmer Process, and the strategic blend of both inbound marketing and outbound marketing efforts have proven very effective for our clients.