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Brand Audit Process

As part of our marketing and creative practice, and as part of our overall Palmer Process, Palmer Ad Agency conducts a brand audit for our clients. As the overall brand is what differentiates a company from its competition, and is the face and voice of the company, it is critically important to ascertain key aspects of the brand, including:

  • Brand strength
  • Positive attributes
  • Successes
  • Memorability
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities

By conducting a brand audit and finding out customer perceptions, brand strengths, and customer recall, we can develop marketing recommendations and build a creative platform that enhances the company or product.

Key benefits from a brand audit include:

  • Diagnosis of a brand’s soft aspects
  • Insight into the authentic experience of the consumer
  • Development of the natural language used for talking about the brand

A brand audit ensures consistency in the way your business is promoted and perceived. This leads to a stronger brand, stronger “brand recall” and a stronger company.

Brand Development Process


When you create a brand, you also strive to create a personality – a personality that is distinctive, unique and hopefully an unforgettable persona that defines the brand to the world in a meaningful way.

Not an easy task!

So, how do you develop a brand personality?

At Palmer, we’ve created a process that defines the brand’s essence. It takes imagination, science, hard work – even a little magic – to make it happen.

Most importantly, we do it in partnership with the client. Because by working together, we can find the common ground that lets the brand say, “this is who I am!”

So how do we create a brand personality?

Do we do it with color? Typography? Illustration? Photography? Words, colors, theme or story?
Actually, all of the above.

But let’s start at the beginning…

People think the creative process of building a brand personality involves creative people in closed offices deep in thought, jotting down bold concepts until finally, one person yells out, “I have it!”

Not exactly.

First, our office and conference room doors are wide open. Everything we do is done in a group environment, and instead of being “deep in thought,” we engage our colleagues, and our client, in a back and forth repartee that fosters creative thinking and the development of great ideas.

That is the foundation of our process.

It’s a journey. And it doesn’t follow a straight path, but rather one that zigs and zags around corners and down roads that typically aren’t traveled. It’s based on creating a unique series of building blocks, taking various elements that include type, color, imagery, symbols, stories and people – one at a time, until collectively they paint a portrait of the brand – a portrait that describes the “essence” of the brand’s identity and personality. It takes time. It takes patience to forgo acting on the first idea or impulse and waiting until every option has been explored. Only then is the concept strategically sound and ready for further exploration.

This isn’t a process for the “MBA by the book” thinkers. You have to set aside the typical business plan mentality and corporate “run the numbers” impulse and reach deep inside to really determine the underlying definition of a brand’s personality.