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Inbound Marketing Services: Strategies and Solutions

Social Media Strategy Development & Design


Palmer is a full service, inbound marketing agency. We offer an array of services to evaluate your current social media marketing efforts. We will help you to define the objectives you want your social media marketing efforts to achieve. From there we determine the best social media platforms for your company presence. We will then set up and design accounts inline with your brand, as well as create a strategy for your entire digital marketing strategy that will achieve your objectives.


Social Media Management

Along with strategic development and account design for your social media accounts, we also offer social media management. We will actively implement and monitor the social media strategy we have developed.


We will develop objectives and a strategy for your company blog. What would a blog be without “remarkable” content? That’s where Palmer excels in developing content that your existing customers and potential customers will read. The blog will position you as an expert in your vertical market. Companies that blog 16 to 20 times a month get 3 times as many leads. We cannot stress the importance of blogging enough. It is an essential element to inbound marketing efforts.


We offer SEO campaigns that are built for the long-term success of your brand. This includes: technical SEO, on-page SEO and Content SEO. This three-pronged approach allows use to build an efficient website for the search engines and a relevant and authoritive website for your visitors.


Call to Action, Landing Page and Thank You Page Creation
This is what we call the inbound marketing sales funnel. It starts with a call to action, a clever hook to place in other marketing tactics, aka, blogging, email marketing, website design. The call to action leads to a landing page where there is information or a content offer available to site visitors in exchange for their basic information. The thank you page is where that content offer or information is offered to the visitor and that visitor is then navigated to other valuable content.

Content offers

We generally recommend offering something of value on your landing page for your website visitor. That could be in the form of an eBook or white paper. We can create these content offers for you.


Website Design
Having an interactive website is key for SEO purposes and, more importantly, generating leads. We offer website design and/or redesign services to help your website maximize your SEO value and the number of leads you generate, while keeping in line with a creative design and brand identity.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very powerful marketing strategy that when done right can help market your product or service. Through your CRM system and/or email lists that we generate through other marketing tactics, we will create email campaigns that effectively drive leads for maximum ROI.