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Outbound Marketing Services and Advertising Strategies


Print Ads

While newspaper and magazine circulation have declined as more and more people seek digital content, print remains a very effective medium and an integral part of the Palmer media mix. It helps us build your brand and effectively target specific customers by demographic and psychographic profiles based on the publications’ content.


Radio Advertising

Because radio formats are tied to specific demographic and age groups, it is a very effective targeting tool and part of Palmer’s media mix. Radio also provides us with an excellent cost-effective method of delivering your message multiple times to our target audience. It can deliver content that is current and provides a good platform for call-to-action advertising.


Television Ads

As network television audiences become more and more fragmented, cable television is an excellent medium to target specific demographic groups, and is part of Palmer’s overall media plan. Television gives us the ability to reach a wide audience at a relatively low cost per thousand. More importantly, it’s a visual medium that gives us the ability to showcase product attributes in creative, memorable ways.


Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is an effective medium used to build brand awareness among a large audience. Palmer uses outdoor advertising to reinforce different brand attributes or to develop an awareness campaign for a specific event or product. Outdoor can be billboards, posters or even vehicle wraps – any type of ad that is viewed “out of home.” We can even use outdoor to target specific demographics by placing the ads in targeted zip codes.


Direct Mail Advertising

Direct mail is a highly targeted method of reaching a specific audience and is used as part of Palmer’s overall media mix. Direct mail gives us the ability to deliver a targeted message, and thanks to innovations in variable printing, we can customize the message to each recipient on a cost-efficient basis. We strategize, develop and produce all direct mail in house.


Guerrilla Marketing Services & Solutions

Guerilla marketing lets us unleash our creativity and develop ways to reach your customers using unconventional methods. Instead of requiring a large marketing budget, we use innovative ways to communicate with people that help you build relationships with new customers. From product giveaways to PR stunts to mobile digital strategies we find new ways to engage your prospective customers and deliver a memorable brand experience.


Tracking & Analytics

Successful campaign strategy requires accountability combined with strong tracking, conversion rates and analytics to determine ROI. With the Palmer Process we are able to begin measuring the campaign after it breaks. Based on this analysis we can immediately make changes in the strategy/tactics as the campaign progresses in order to improve results.


Digital – Social Media Advertising

We offer ad campaign creation and implementation across a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Depending on what social media marketing strategy you have implemented for your company will depend on what advertising approach we take.


Digital – Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC Advertising, or Pay-Per-Click, is placing online advertisements, generally though Google. We offer campaign creation and implementation in house. This usually involves promoting a landing page in order to get potential new clients into your inbound marketing sales funnel.


Digital – Behavioral Targeting

Palmer uses Behavioral Targeting to increase the effectiveness of online campaigns by capturing information on an individual’s Web-browsing behavior – including what pages they visit, searches they’ve made or which ads they’ve viewed. We use that information to determine which ads to display and what content to offer, providing a more targeted and more interesting experience for the visitor – and a more targeted approach for our clients.


Digital – Remarketing / Retargeting Services

Remarketing is an integral part of every digital campaign Palmer creates. It allows us to use digital technology to target visitors to your site, and then show them specific ads when they move to other websites – which helps to maximize conversion activity. Depending on the behavior and actions they displayed while visiting your website, we can create specific ad content for viewing as they visit other networks.