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While Financial Center Credit Union had prior success marketing their range of loan products, they felt that a fresh approach, one that effectively promoted their banking services, could help bring many new customers to the Credit Union by engaging a younger demographic. The challenge? This younger demographic, a frequent target for loan products, are often inundated by competitive loan product offers. They also don’t follow traditional media. In addition, many are credit challenged, and many are ignored by traditional lenders.

Solution: Palmer has a proven understanding of Credit Union target demographics. In addition, Palmer has a unique grasp of trending topics, topics that can be used to engage the targeted younger demographic. Palmer created a banking ad campaign entitled, “Game of Loans.” Using exciting graphics, Palmer launched a financial ad campaign using social media, banner ads and specialized landing pages that marketed and promoted FCCU’s loan products. Copy explained that bad credit wasn’t necessarily a roadblock to obtaining a loan.


Results: This financial ad campaign generated exceptional results with the target demographic, who responded to the branding and messaging tailored to this market. Auto Loans were up 329% over the previous year; Signature Loans exceeded the target goal by 141%, and were up 75% over the previous year, and new Visa Cards exceeded the target goal by 107%.

Landing Page

financial center credit union game of loans landing page

Web Banner

game of loans campaign 300x250 web banner ads by palmer

financial center credit union in branch poster by palmer ad agency

financial center credit union auto eblast by palmer ad agency


financial center credit union game of loands shirt comp

Direct Mail

game of loans direct mail marketing

Offer Letter

financial center credit union offer letter comp by palmer ad agency

Window Decal

financial center credit union window decal by palmer ad agency

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