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Friends You Can Bank On AdChallenge: For nearly 150 years the Bank of Stockton has been the biggest and strongest community bank in California’s Central Valley. This bank exemplifies and stands for stability and trust. Due to digital technology and changes in banking, the number of transactions happening at this bank had declined substantially. These downward trends were especially evident within the under 35 age group, although the bank’s average customer age is 56. The key challenge? Improving the Bank of Stockton’s current and past brand positioning, and producing financial services ads with a message more relevant to the bank’s “Credit Driven” target.

Solution: After a careful competitive analysis, Palmer developed the following positioning statement: “For financially responsible adults living in California’s Central Valley, Bank of Stockton is the one locally owned and operated bank … That combines a history of community involvement with advanced banking technology … To provide a more friendly, modern and inclusive banking experience … Resulting in friends instead of customers.”  This statement is embodied in the blue water for Bank of Stockton: Community Focused with a Personality.

Results: The Bank of Stockton now has a new, modern and friendly look and feel that attracts a younger audience while not alienating its older customer base. Palmer has through its financial advertising services launched branding ads in print, outdoor and online. In addition, Palmer designed and launched a mobile app that handles mobile deposit and person-to-person payments. Our advertising campaign strategies drive new, potential customers to a microsite where they can gather more information, sign up for an account, and download the app. Our financial advertising campaign for The Bank of Stockton is ongoing. Preliminary results are showing that the bank’s younger audience is indeed opening checking accounts and acquiring loans.

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Loan Campaign Case Study – Pre-rebrand

Bank of Stockton – Advertising

Bank of Stockton AdChallenge: The Bank of Stockton wanted to pursue retail mortgage loans and equity lines for the first time in twenty years. Research on the bank’s customer base revealed that bank customers did not look to Bank of Stockton for consumer lending needs. The analysis Palmer did for its first advertising campaign revealed that home loans and home equity lines were the chosen promotional products. This ad campaign would be targeted at the bank’s customer base.

Solution: In addition to offering to its banking customers a better, more competitive pricing offer for both types of loans, the bank used targeted touch points to more effectively reach its customers. The bank did two distinct direct mailings, which targeted the customers who were most receptive and most likely to seek these products through direct mail.  These direct mail pieces linked to website landing pages, making it easier for interested parties to get more information and/or to call the bank directly.

Results: Management was very pleased with the results of this first ad campaign, which introduced new customers to the bank’s lending capabilities. Word of mouth was very positive within the customer base, in addition to promoting the bank, its identity and its services, to the market at large.


  • 6,727 Home Loan Targets
  • 74 processed applications
  • 37 booked to date for $8.3MM (average loan size $224,000)


  • 2,207 Home Equity Line Targets
  • 54 processed applications
  • 29 booked to date for $3.3MM (average loan size $113,793)

Home Loan Campaign Case Study


Friends You Can Bank on Campaign

Friends You Can Bank on Campaign Ad

Let's Build a Friendship - Banking Ad

Pay anyone, anywhere. Mobile banking ad.

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Loan Campaign


Home Loan advertisement

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