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At Palmer we found that some of our client’s biggest struggles involve branding consistency, brand awareness and lead generation. We have developed a wealth of resources to offer insights on how to solve some of these challenges.

Please make use of these FREE ebooks.

Simply click on the link next to each ebook description and remember, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns about your brand and/or lead generation strategy. We’re here to listen!

  • 30 Lead Generation Tips, Tricks & Ideas
    • Need help generating leads? This comprehensive list should jump start your lead generation strategy.

  • Business Blogging
    • Need help generating leads? This comprehensive list should jump start your lead generation strategy.

  • Lead Generation eBook
    • In our basic lead generation ebook you will learn, with proven statistics from over 4,000 businesses, just what inbound marketing tactics to adopt.

  • Brand Audit
    • In this Brand Audit eBook, you will get a deeper understanding of what your brand says to your team and your customers. Put the magnifying glass up to your business today!

  • Website Redesign Checklist
    • Redesigning your website? This checklist is a must have before you set out on your strategic development of your new site.

  • Palmer Process
    • While marketing tactics have changed in the many years Palmer has been an agency, the comprehensive and analytic approach we use for your marketing and advertising needs has not.  Learn how we do what we do!

  • Auto eBook
    • Automotive Dealers: This eBook is just for you! Learn how we apply two marketing tactics that are easy to track, easy to adapt and in turn, make it easy to sell cars!

  • How to hire an Inbound Marketing Agency
    • In our hiring guide you will learn the 11 things you should carefully examine in an agency before hiring them.

  • Tracking ROI
    • At Palmer we believe in combining inbound and outbound tactics inline with each other to deliver you the best ROI.  And we don’t just say so. Learn how we track and measure all the marketing and advertising tactics we make use of.

  • Brand Development
    • In our more comprehensive branding ebook, we help you ask the right questions to get to the core of your brand.  An essential book for reinventing, or creating, your unique brand.